“I don’t want realism, I want magic”

Pablo Costanzo is a fashion, editorial and commercial photographer from Venezuela residing in Miami since 2015. As a teenager, he lived on the island of Margarita, who’s particular light and essence, would unbeknown to him, become the perfect ally for his aesthetic journey and tireless search for beauty.  With just three years in the U.S. Pablo has photographed esteemed fashion, retail and beauty clients as well as entertainers like Edgar Ramirez, Gaby Espino and Nicky Jam, to name a few. It’s no surprise that in 2017 E! Entertainment recognized him as a promising young talent naming him one of the most influential Latin American photographers. His passion for photography is not limited to staying behind the camera, he often produces the shoot or campaign with his team of makeup artists, stylists and art directors, providing a full gamut of services. He strives to make big statements with simple concepts and his clients often praise his work for its unique use of light, masterful storytelling and exuding of a sense of magic.